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Dear Mike,

Thanks for your fax.

The absence of brochures isn’t a problem [these had not arrived yet in England at time of this writing – M. Kontor ]; I think if a product is good enough then it doesn’t need literature – it stands up in its own right.

We are getting on really well with the speakers. We knew they were good when we first heard them [at the London Ramada Hi-Fi Show] (that’s why we took them on!) But it’s only just dawning on us just how good they are.

It’s rare for us to get a product which all the staff like, but your speakers have attained this, and Phil is thinking of getting a set for himself.

They are certainly one of the best, if not the best, brands we have and we will probably be getting rid of the Wilson Witts! (Please don’t quote me on this!)

Anyhow, we’ve already sold our Virtuosos, so would be grateful if you would send a Proforma for another set in piano finish.

Incidentally, we only noticed after some time that the colour of our Virtuosos was a very sublte green! Was this intentional [yes ] or accidental?! If it was intentinal, we’ll have another set the same.

Best regards,
Peter Sanhen

Note from :

The Virtuoso’s that KJ WEST ONE sold in one afternoon’s auditioning were bought by a dyed in the wool audiophile who normally takes months to make a decision about a new piece of gear.  The green finish is piano black with a green metallic sheen deep within the black, noticable only in certain lights.  It’s an “optional extra”, at a small increase in price.


Daa Woong Inc.

Mr. M. Kontor
Leading Edge Audio


Dear Mr. Kontor,

Thank you for your fax. I receive the replacement grilles OK.

Sorry not to write sooner, but I have been overseas on business. You asked me how business is going here with the NotePerfect distribution. We have appointed no new dealers since last year. This is because the economy here is very bad. This year 5 high end shops close down already.

Everyone here who has heard the NotePerfect speakers agree that they outperform all other high end brands like Wilson, ProAc, etc. We will continue with promotion and hope to have and order for you soon.

Kind regards,

I. Jung

Note: The names and addresses of the writers of the following letters are withheld in the interests of security. The letters were unsolicited and are reprinted verbatim. Highlighting and italics are my own – M. Kontor, NotePerfect Loudspeakers.


Mike Kontor
Leading Edge Audio
447 North Road


Dear Mike,

I’d just like to let you know how excited I am with my new speakers, the Note Perfect “Symphony”.

I have had quite a few speakers over the years, including Apogees, Acarian Alons and Whatmough Monitors, but none have given me as much musical enjoyment as the Note Perfects.

As in the usual quest for the perfect sound I have been changing equipment almost yearly. A recent change to 160 watt valve monoblock amplifiers (from a Classe DR9) improved my soundsystem, but the major improvement has come from buying the Note Perfect “Symphony” speakers. They are beautifully transparent, the soundstage and the dynamics are superb, the tonal qualities rich and seamless. I am hearing musical details and instruments that I never knew were in the recordings. As a friend remarked, the musicians seemed to be in the room with us.

My present system includes an Aura turntable with SME 5 and a Benz-Micro MC3 Ruby cartridge, 160watt De Silva valve mono amps, a Meridian CD200 payer with Analog Research DAC plus Classe DR6 preamp.

With the Note Perfect “Symphony” speakers as my latest and finest addition I feel that my quest for musical bliss is over. The music that blooms so effortlessly from these speakers is just wonderful.

All the best for the year,
Yours sincerely,

Simon K.


Audio Synthesis

Attn. David Heaton


Dear David ,

The DAX and PASSION V that I puchased from you are performing very well in conjunction with a WADIA WT3200 Transport, TUBEWORKS JC8 valve power amps and most recently a pair of NOTE PERFECT “Symphony” loudspeakers.

I would like to draw your attention to these speakers as they are most impressive. They are manufactured here in Australia and beat everything else I have owned or auditioned, including Martin Logan CLS and Quests, Apogee Duetta Sig. And Diva, Acararian Alon IV, Aerial 10T, Avalon Ascent, etc.

The manufacture is looking for export distribution and intends to show this product in his own room at the UK HiFi Show in September. I have taken the liberty of giving him your name and contact details in case you might be interested in evaluating this product for distribution.

I have no commercial interest in this matter but would like to see the product succeed as I think it has reference class sound. Please give it a listen, I am sure you will be impressed.

The manufacturer is Mike Kontor of Leading Edge Audio and I expect he will contact you in due course.

Best regards,

(name withheld for security reasons)

[Mr. Heaton was most impressed when he heard the speakers at the show, in fact, he wanted to buy the pair of Symphony’s that were there, but of course KJ WEST ONE took the line on.]


Mike Kontor
Leading Edge Audio



It’s time I set pen to paper to tell you how pleased and happy I am with the NotePerfect “Symphony” speakers. Without doubt, these are the best speakers I have heard. Previous speakers I have owned (Magneplanar, Duntech) do not compare – nor do various brands (Castle, Mirage, Monitor Audio, ProAc, Quad) auditioned at the recent Melbourne HiFi Show. None compare with the NotePerfects – either in musical performance or value for money.

The NotePerfect’s clarity and warmth have caused my musical enjoyment to reach new heights. Electronics and transducers cannot duplicate a live performance, but with the contribution of the Note Perfects my system comes significantly closer to the feeling of “being there”.

Even poorly recorded CD’s sound better, and well recorded music sounds magnificent. With the Note Perfects installed, positioned and run in, I have played CD after CD, and always with the same result – increased musical enjoyment.

Please accept my thanks for introducing me to the Note Perfect “Symphony” speakers,

Wishing you every success,

Daryl W.


Dear Mike,

re: NotePerfect “CONCERT” speakers

I just want to thank you for a most enjoyable demonstration last Friday, in your store, of the NotePerfect “Concert'” speakers.

The manner in which they provided musical enjoyment in the playing of Grieg’s piano concerto, the Adagio from the Delos sampler, and the Louis Armstrong tracks, was just breathtaking and I just can’t wait to receive my pair.

As agreed I have much pleasure in enclosing a cheque for the change over from my Duntech’s. Looking forward to you call regarding freight arrangements.

Yours sincerely,

David M.



It really was an easy decision to buy the NotePerfect speakers.

We had listened to them at Leading Edge Audio and were so impressed that we requested an extended home evaluation. Needless to say, that’s where they stayed.

We had been hankering for an upgrade in speakers for some time and had listened all over Melbourne for something we may have liked. Speakers brought home for evaluation included Mirage and Martin Logan, but both were found wanting.

What we were looking for was a speaker that was as musical as the Magneplanar MGIIc’s we were then using but which were also considerably better. The only areas of criticism with the Maggies were the limited and flabby bass, imprecise imaging, lack of high frequency extension and slight lacking in dynamics.

The NotePerfect’s were an answer to our prayers.

As musical as the Maggies and better in every respect.

A huge three dimensional sound stage, imaging that was preicse, incredibly detailed, and extended bass response that deemed an sub-woofer unnecessary, a tight and fast bass response, and open and extended top end. Very transparent.

We have still not heard any speaker that could equal the Symphony’s. Not that we are looking too hard.

Cate & Paul

[Cate & Paul re-iterated the last paragraph of their letter after a recent around the world trip during which they listened to severtal mega-buck speakers, including the big Genesis! Praise indeed! – Mike Kontor]


Mike Kontor
Leading Edge Audio


Dear Mike,

I just want to thank you for recommending the NotePerfect Concerts. As you know, I previously owned STAX electrostatics which were notoriously hard to drive. Although with thousands of dollars spent on amplification (VTL), we eventually got them sounding exceptionally sweet but still bass-less.

The Concerts are a whole new ballgame. They have renewed my interest in music. I have them connected to a high end surround sound amplfier. I use them for playing records, CD’s and listening to videos. They were easy to set up and sounded rich and sweet from the moment they were connected. I followed the set up recommendations, not fitting the spikes until I had found the best listening area. I was reasonably happy with the sound, but the spikes gave a dramatic improvement. The sound stage improved, the bass went even deeper and the top end extended. They now fool me into thinking I have electronics with superb bass. I love these speakers. The more I listen to them, the more I enjoy them. I have now set up a surround sound system and am enjoying it thoroughly. I was dubious at first, thinking it a gimmick. I was very wrong. The Concerts involve you in the soundtrack, adding new dimensions to movies and making television worth watching.

I have never been interested in aesthetics of speakers, preferring performance, but the finish on the NotePerfects is like having a grand piano in my living room. Thanks once again for a superb product. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.


Allan K.
Born Again Music Lover


Dear Mike,

I didn’t have much of a chance to speak to you at the recent Melbourne Hi-Fi Show, but I wanted to tell you that after doing th rounds at the show, there was only one speaker I like better than my recently acquired NotePerfect “Concerts”, and that was the NotePerfect “Virtuosos”! And that should be so, as these are more expensive than the Concerts. Despite all the expensive equipment at the show, I found all the other well known speakers – ProAc, Duntech, Martin-Logan, etc. – to be very coloured and unnatural sounding, compared to the NotePerfects. To me this was very re-assuring, the NotePerfects being Australian made and not nearly as expensive as many of the imports. Nice to see we can be just as good and then some!

I wanted to tell you this, because you will remember my apprehension when I bought the speakers, as they were relatively new and unknown then, and my faith at that time was in the English made speakers. Now that the NotePerfect’s reputation is firmly established, I’m glad to have been one of the first to trust his ears and take the plunge.

Kindest regards,


Newsgroups: IDEA.EMUEnsoniqPARIS

As I mentioned last week, I ordered a pair of Note Perfect Alpha Pro monitors (

A couple of people said they’d be interested to hear what I thought of them so here are my initial impressions.

First off, I have been using Event 20/20 bas powered monitors for the last few years. One problem I always had was judging the low end with them. If I got the bass sounding good on the Events, on any other system the track would be _very_ muddy.

One of the first things I noticed with the Note Perfects is how revealing they are. I put in a CD I am very familiar with and started hearing subtle parts that I had never noticed before. Just to be sure, I listened again on the Events (and my roommates KRKs) and I could barely make out the part I could hear quite clearly on the Alphas Pros

The midrange reproduction on these is something else! Amazing clarity and definition.

I pulled up one of my mixes I have been working on and noticed right away that I could judge the bass level much more accurately. This was confirmed by listening to a quick mix I did for the car and home stereo. The levels were very even and the mix translated very well to different systems. No longer will I have to second guess what my monitors are doing and try to compensate for them. I still need to learn to mix well, but that’s another story and I think the Alphas will play a big role in that. 🙂

ESQ.- I can finally hear subtle adjustments in EQ! Before, I would have to cut/add about +5/-5 db to really hear the slightest change in the midrange but now even small adjustments are very noticeable. I feel like I can more accurately tell when I need to cut something, especially in the midrange on things like guitars, snares etc.

Another thing I noticed about the Alphas is what happens when you turn them up and give them some volume.

On my old monitors, turning them up was very addictive because the sound would get “hyped” The bass response would change…. everything would change…. it wasn’t the same mix anymore but it sounded good. 😉 (Fletcher/Munson curve etc)

The Alphas don’t do this. When I turn them up, they get louder but the mix does not change. I do not sense any “hyping” and I think this is a very good thing. I usually get the best results by mixing at very low levels but I thought I would point this out.

I do want to mention what a great guy Mike Kontor of Note Perfect is.

He makes them upon order and it took about 4 days total for him to build them and show up on my door from Australia. (I was thinking it would take much longer and be much more expensive LOL!)

To top it off, he spent about 4 hours one day helping me find a good power amp for them on EBAY. That was very cool as I know don’t know squat about power amps and what to look for. I feel he really went out of his way for me on that one. For the record I ended up with a B&K ST202

For the record, The Alpha Pros cost in the $2000 range but the exchange rate for American currency is almost 2-1 to the Australian dollar so for under $1500 (including the amp and shipping) I think I have a very accurate monitoring system.

Well worth checking out.