NotePerfect Loudspeakers are hand crafted in Victoria, Australia by designer Mike Kontor to stringent standards. They enjoy an enviable reputation for being one of the most natural sounding loudspeakers in the world, yet carry realistic price tags.

I do not believe in inflated prices so that I can appeal to the elite audiophile market, many of whom are attracted to gear because it is very expensive. In my view, it is not possible to build a $50,000 loudspeaker with conventional drive units and components and claim that it is worth the money; or a simple two-way bookshelf speaker that costs many thousands of dollars.

I use best quality components based on many hours of listening and do my costing realistically so that as many music lovers as possible can enjoy these wonderful speakers.

NotePerfect owners who travel the world and visit high end dealers and listen to many expensive and highly acclaimed speakers (Dynaudio, Martin Logan, Quad, Rockport, Magnepan,  Sonus Faber,    B & W, Thiel, Wilson, etc.) report that they are happy to be NotePerfect owners and furthermore have heard nothing as good or better. And of course I am happy to pit my designs against the other Australian makes like Whatmough, Krix, Sonique, Duntech, Ambience etc.

NotePerfect loudspeakers are now sold only directly through the Internet; as a result there has been a significant drop in price, the huge retail margin (up to 80%!!) for the retail dealer thus having been eliminated. The last retail prices are listed in ( ) for reference in the description of the models.


The design philosophy of all NotePerfect loudspeakers is to keep the all important mid-range as pure and natural-sounding as possible. Many high end speakers have lost midrange quality, not least because it is something being lost by recording engineers since the 1980’s.

To achieve this, all cross-overs are 6dB 2 way types using premium components; thus the only compoment in the signal path to the mid-range driver(s) is wire – no sound-smearing capacitor to filter away the bass as is the case in conventional 3-way speakers; instead the mid-range drivers are placed in a small sealed internal compartment of the main cabinet, causing a natural bass roll-off around 100Hz. I then add active bass to give the tightest, most controlled bass possible, the dedicated bass amplifier (mounted in the rear of the cabinet) driving the voice coil of the bass driver directly (no cross-over compoments slowing down the bass as in conventional  3 way speakers!).

As a result, the NotePerfect midrange reveals all the tonal colour, transient attack and transparency you hear in a live acoustic performance – no smearing, slowing of attack or bleaching of colour. I use silk dome tweeters that excel at reproducing pure, fast and natural treble.

Integration of treble, mid-range and bass is key to my designs – listeners constantly comment on how NotePerfect loudspeakers truly have only ‘one sound’ – you simply cannot hear the breaks between the three ranges. If you consider the design philosophy and how it is implemented, it should come as no surprise that this level of coherency is achieved.