* Very efficient multi driver design based on the famous ‘Symphony’

*  6DB/Octave Midrange / Tweeter Purist Crossover.

*  No Capacitors or Resistors in the Midrange.

*  Components and Leads hard wired with Silver Solder

*  Useable Bass Response down to 20Hz

*  4 OHM nominal impedance. Purely resistive midrange load

* 12″ woofer powered by 300 watt amplifer and electronic cross-over, with adjustable gain and cross-over.

* Outboard mounted Crossover, bi-wire terminals

* Ultra rigid, heavily braced 25mm (1″) thick tapered cabinet with radiused edges and front felt

$ 10000  (used to cost $14000)

The NotePerfect “MAESTRO” is a much more efficient design based on our famous Symphony, using double midrange and tweeters. This result is a livelier, more exciting sound. It is in short, incredibly realistic, much more like ‘being there’.

Listeners comment on the amazing realism, breathtaking excitement and incredibly low coloration of the design. As for the Symphony, yhis means that you should hear the instruments and musicians exactly as they were recorded; tonally (timbre), spatially (imaging) and communicating the music (musicality).

To achieve this, several very important criteria had to be met. High on the list of these criteria is tonality, especially midrange tonality. This is the single aspect of reproduction which is almost never met in loudspeaker design. Especially since the advent of the compact disc and a new generation of recording engineers in the studios midrange accuracy has suffered.

Some two-way loudspeakers using very simple crossovers and some electrostatic speakers achieve a high level of midrange accuracy, and it was this accuracy that we wanted to achieve in a truly full range system, without the need for sub-woofers, stands, mini monitor brightness or the dispersion and space problems of electrostatics. For this reason, the midrange/upper bass drivers and the tweeters are housed in a separate, sealed enclosure inside the main loudspeaker box.

The crossover for these drivers is a 6db/octave, phase coherent, hard wired design using premium quality parts, with nothing but an inductor (ie. only wire) in the critical midrange – no capacitors, no resistors. Because this internal enclosure is very small, the midrange/upper bass driver rolls off the bass acoustically, so there are no capacitors or resistors to distort the midrange. An added benefit of our internal box system is that it adds a lot of rigidity to the main cabinet structure. The mid/bass unit and tweeter match each other perfectly in ‘sonic signature’ – no metal dome tweeter here being mated to some other material in the midrange.

The careful blend and integration of the drive units in the ‘MAESTRO’ achieves perfect coherence: the sound is simply ONE sound, not bass, midrange and treble. The metal dome tweeter on the rear of the speaker is user adjustable in output and has the effect of throwing a soft natural light onto the sound stage. Bass is provided by a 200 watt carbon fibre customized 12″ woofer, driven directly by a 300 watt amplifier. Crossover is electronic, with adjustable gain and frequency. This system allows use of a moderately powered amplifier for the main speaker and relieves the same of having to reproduce bass, resulting in greater midrange clarity and treble smoothness, compared to driving the speaker full-range.

In other words, it takes the strain away from your main amplifier. Because the voice coil of the bass driver is driven directly by a 300 watt amplifier, the bass is super tight and fast, with tremendous weight; no large inductors here slowing the bass down! Furthermore, the cross-over/amplifier module can be directly hooked up to the sub-woofer output of a Home Theatre processor/preamp.  Being fully adjustable, the system also allows for TOTAL integration of the bass into the room.

What the ‘Maestro’ achieves is completely natural midrange & treble reproduction: instruments sound exactly as they should; there is lots of tonal colour, through proper tonal differentiation precise imaging and sound staging – you hear the performers exactly where they were recorded, with audible space between them.

A totally silent background inter-transient silence is unparalleled, so that you hear nothing but the notes, without any smearing whatsoever; all the strands of music are unravelled, thus easily heard. Exceptional dynamic reproduction, both micro and macro, without any hardening when the music gets loud. Superlative musicality: all the emotion of the music and musicians is faithfully communicated, as is the structure of the music.

All these factors allow the listener to become totally involved in the music, in a way never achieved before.

In short, this loudspeaker truly lives up to its name, for it is indeed NotePerfect