Mods and Cautions

I was recently asked to help restore a pair of Enconre’s to original condition. The buyer noticed that one of the tweeters in each speaker had been disconnected, the port had been closed. Once the boxes were opened, we noticed that all sorts of butchery had taken place. The ideas behind the mods were half baked or wrong and the workmanship appalling.

I recognized the work by its nature and poor quality. It was done by ‘audiophiles’ (note the quotes) who have limited knowledge of speaker design, cloth ears and do dreadful work.

So if you are told your NotePerfect speakers can be improved, check in with me first, especially if you are told this by guys called Doug, Rowan or Mick in Melbourne.

Never has the saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ been more true.

Height:  1000 mm
Width:   300 mm
Depth:  Top: 250 mm   Bottom:  350 mm

$ 4000 (used to cost $6000)