tube amplifiers

I have used many brands from cheap to super expensive, but none compares in terms of sound to the hand made preamps and amplifiers from CYMER.

Cymer is Elson Silva, a Brazilian living in Sydney who will make you anything you want and makes a series of amps that he exports to discerning audiophiles in Europe as well as serving Australia of course. Perhaps the best news is that he charges very little for his amazing work. For example an 80wpc stereo power amplifier costs around $AU2500. And it is hand made and uses point to point wiring.

He also makes preamps phono stages and tape head stages.

I use his phono stage and tape head stage (base on Marantz 7c but upgraded and dual mono) and his 150w mono amps.

Elson is contactable at I have no financial affiliation with him.